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I'm here, I'm queer.

No, not really.

13 October 1983
"I guess we're all just constantly in a state of regression. What we think is moving forward is just making us ass-backward and soon there will be nothing real left in the world." - kellyagain

Don't be disgusting. The world is watching.

In all honesty, I'm a bit more than just a stickler when it comes to grammar. I'll refrain from correcting yours, however, if you lay off mine.

I don't expect this journal to interest you in the slightest bit. And I don't expect you to understand a single word I write here. (And I don't expect me to actually want your mindless drivel on my friends page.) That's why I'm friends only. Comment and add me and I'll consider returning the favor.

I moderate just_one_line and grammar_nazis. Join them. Maybe you'll love them as much as I do.
61 degree days, adult swim, anti-overvoters, aquafina, art, australians, barenaked ladies, bed, being an asshole, ben folds five, big fish, bigbunny, birthdays, bisexual boys, black, books, bowling, boys in bands, bright eyes, brits, c2, calvin and hobbes, cappuchino, chapstick, charles schultz, charlie brown, compliments, couches, cuddling, death to smoochy, dinosaurs, dorks, elf, flip flops, foreign films, foreign languages, friday, games, get smart, glasses, grammar, grover, gummy, guster, hearing a good story, home movies, hugs, hyphens, jamie oliver, jim carrey, jim henson, jimmy fallon, johnny depp, kate winslet, killing people, kissing, kiwis, lab coats, lamps, libertarianism, lip gloss, literature, long car rides, lost, making fiends, making out, mario, mario kart, misusing words, monday, movies, mud, muffinfilms, muffins, muppets, muppets from space, my addictions, my husbands, national geographic ultimate explorer, neopets, nerds, nes, neurosis, nintendo, non-screamy music, office space, olivier martinez, ong wild parties111, painting, peanuts, people named jim, picking up hitchhikers, pink, rain, reading, roald dahl, root beer, sand, sarcasm, sesame street, sex and the city, sharks, slashing tires, sleeping, smrt ppl, socks, something corporate, sour patch kids, spelling, star watching, straws, stripes, subtitles, super mario 3, super nintendo, sweet iced tea, taxis, teaching, the beatles, the royal tenenbaums, toe socks, tomatoes, traveling, wild cherry pepsi, winning soda caps, winter, writing children's books, yo mama


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